Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Perseverance vs. Endurance - What's the Difference?

Endurance is standing strong until the storm is past. Endurance is the long term. We learn to endure by persevering. We persevere to choose what’s right every time, and the long accumulative days of perseverance is called endurance.

Perseverance is the here and now, the reality, the active fight. Endurance kind of sneaks up on you. 

Perseverance is the runner who falls, gets back up and keeps running. Even if he has to crawl across the finish line, he will keep pushing on because perseverance teaches us to say “So what, its pain.” 

Perseverance is choosing to do right. It is "wherever you're at, be all there" - fully engaged. Doing what’s right whatever it costs. Endurance is the accumulation of persevering.

Apathy is the absence of action, indifference. It does not affect me. It doesn’t change me. The horse that resigns is the horse that will kill you. The horse that reacts is the safer horse to be around, because you know what he’s going to do. You can endure through the apprenticeship program. You can apathetically go through the apprenticeship program. You cannot endure and be apathetic. If I am persevering, I am very engaged. If I am very engaged, it will affect me one way or the other. 

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